New Orders ship Monday mornings as able - Cutoff is Saturdays at Noon
New Orders ship Monday mornings as able - Cutoff is Saturdays at Noon
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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

Is there a way to fix a bent pin post?

Yes! Place a rubber clutch on the pin post, then gently (and SLOWLY) push the needle back in place. A pair of pliers would work well too. If the post is wobbly a little super glue should help.

How do you handle pre-order items?

Vector Penguin Shop ships an order when all items are ready to go out. Please keep this in mind when ordering pre-order items with items that are in stock. If you'd like the in-stock item(s) to ship prior to the pre-order items please make two separate purchases.

Can I purchase different pin backs?

Of course! All purchased pins come with rubber clutches. This is to reduce the chance of them being damaged in the mail and they are great for temporary/light use. It is highly recommended to avoid prolonged wear on any garment/bag that does not grant the wearer full view of the pin. If you check under the accessories tab you'll find a few alternative options to choose from, but please understand that I cannot guarantee that the pin backs will fully prevent a lapel pin from becoming unsecured during extended wear.

Do you offer gift wrap options?

We do not currently offer gift wrap options. All items (excluding washi tape) bought from Vector Penguin Shop come gift-wrapped in tissue with a small sticker seal. In some cases an item can still be visible through the tissue wrapping. If you wish to exclude the packing slip with the order, please leave a note during check out. Thank you!